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Glastonbury's single-family home update:
As per MLS are currently only 16 available homes on the market in Glastonbury. The inventory levels are down significantly as compared to last year’s levels.

We are seeing more multiple offers and a continued push upwards on values. Rates won’t be dropping as much as previously predicted..

Despite that, buyers are still out looking for homes. Since shelter is essential, buyers are still ready to compete for the little homes on the market.

Amount of single family homes listed today in MLS between:
100-200 = 0      200-300 = 1
300-400 = 5      400-500 = 2
500-600 = 3      600-700 = 3
700-800 = 1      800-900 = 1
900-1million + = 0                                                                                                                                                                       

What exactly is MLS and should you care?
The Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is the heart of the real estate industry, an expansive database of property listings accessible to licensed real estate professionals. Think of it as the ultimate marketplace, where agents collaborate to buy and sell properties, ensuring maximum exposure for listings.

Why is it crucial? Firstly, it offers unparalleled reach. By listing a property on the MLS, sellers tap into a vast network of potential buyers, vastly increasing the chances of a successful sale. Conversely, buyers gain access to a comprehensive inventory of homes, streamlining their search process.

Secondly, the MLS fosters transparency. Detailed property information, from square footage to amenities, empowers both buyers and sellers to make informed decisions. Plus, accurate data helps to establish fair market values, ensuring transactions are equitable for all parties involved.

Moreover, the MLS promotes efficiency. With real-time updates and streamlined communication, agents can swiftly match buyers with suitable properties, saving valuable time and effort.

In essence, the MLS isn't just a platform—it's the backbone of the real estate ecosystem, facilitating seamless transactions, fostering transparency, and empowering buyers and sellers alike to achieve their property goals.

As your real estate agent, I will add your home to the MLS. Realtors will have instant access to your home’s details. Via a system known as the IDX feed, your home’s listing in the MLS will feed to all the other 3rd party platforms like Realtor.com, Zillow and more. Once this happens, your home will be seen by anyone looking for a home for sale on the internet.

BrightMLS did a study and found a staggering difference in the final sale price of homes offered in MLS and those that sold off-MLS. The MLS garnered significantly higher sales prices as a result of offering the home to the MOST amount of QUALIFIED buyers and the AGENTS that represent them. Remember: Open market brings better price, terms and conditions.

Is your neighbor's sold price a mystery to how it affects your home's value?Many homeowners think they can rely on what their neighbor sold for months or weeks ago, leaving them confused about their own home's worth in today's market. What if there was a way to crack the code and unlock your home's true value prop?

My job is to expose the hidden factors influencing your home's value. I offer a free-market analysis that dives deep into the specific details that define your home's value. I analyze real comparable properties, current inventory levels, interest rate factors and even seasonal trends to give you a clear picture. By understanding these key factors, I can craft a strategic listing price that resonates with today's "ready, willing, and able" buyers. This ensures you attract serious offers and maximize your chances of a successful sale.

Ready to turn your home's value into a reality? Contact me today for your free-market analysis and discover the secrets to a smooth and successful sale.

Not sure now is the best time? Send me an email and I will send you my comprehensive seller’s guide. This value-packed guide will help you understand the process and what to expect as you ponder selling your home.

Glastonbury Homeowners:
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