Stay Ahead of the Curve: Glastonbury's Real Estate Market Breakdown

Breaking down the real estate headlines and MLS stats so you, the local homeowner, can stay informed on what matters to our hyper-local Glastonbury market.

Glastonbury's single-family home update:
As per MLS are currently only 15 available homes on the market in Glastonbury.

Amount of single family homes listed between:
100-200 = 0      200-300 = 0
300-400 = 3      400-500 = 2
500-600 = 2      600-700 = 1
700-800 = 1      800-900 = 2 
900-1million + = 4

You want to be on the market when your neighbor is not. Homeowners looking to sell this year, should reach out to discuss your unique situation. We may have solutions tailored to fit your needs! There are buyers that would be eager to secure housing before school starts and would be willing to give you time to figure out your next move...

Glastonbury's condo market update:
Currently, there are 3 condos currently for sale in MLS. Sales of condos are experiencing an uptick in prices as competition from buyers ramps up. Lack of single family housing is driving the prices upwards.

Pro tips:

PAINT: Easiest and cost effective thing to do is Paint! Opt for warm tones with Balboa Mist (Benjamin Moore) if your floors, trim, and cabinets are warm. For cooler palettes, try Touch of Grey or White Sand (Sherwin Williams).

LIGHTING: Need to add a little “wow factor” to your home without breaking the bank? Solar powered spotlights are just the thing to create a high-end look without having to hire electricians and spend thousands on lighting, These solar powered spotlights come in different sizes and colors. They are great for up-lighting trees and landscaping. Use them to wash the front of your house with light to create interest. Easy project with big impact!

I have created a helpful seller’s guide. Visit for a free no obligation copy:

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