Selling Your Glastonbury Property in 2024: Timing and Tips

Breaking down the real estate headlines and MLS stats so you, the local homeowner, can stay informed on what matters to our hyper-local Glastonbury market.

Glastonbury's single-family home update:
There are 25 available homes on the market in Glastonbury. Amount of homes listed between:

100-200 = None 200-300 = None
300-400 = 5 400-500 = 4
500-600 = 1 600-700 = 3
700-800 = 2 800-900 = 3
900-1million + = 7

Glastonbury's condo market update:
Currently, there are 2 condos on the market in Glastonbury. As interest rates rise - we are still seeing buyers make offers on homes over-asking and with seller favorable terms - IF the house has been properly priced and prepared for sale. Unlike year‘s past, waiting until the spring to sell isn‘t an issue. With critically low inventory, and the fact shelter is a fundamental need: buyers are still buying and home prices are still strong. We may be seeing less actual offers, but the offers we do see are incredible.

Thinking of selling in 2024 - here is your timeline;
Start a conversation with a Realtor this month. This month is easy to work with as we head into the
holidays. You may become too busy and think you need to back-burner reaching out until January.
Reaching out this month means I can fully assess your home and your unique reason for needing to sell, enabling me to make critical suggestions to help maximize your home‘s value.

Having this extra time means we can still perform exterior work to the house if needed or make a plan for any work immediately after the holidays so you can secure those hard to get contractors. Not every home is turn-key and time is your pocketbook‘s best friend.

I have created a helpful seller’s guide. Visit for a free no obligation copy:

Do you have a specific question about the market? Feel free to email me at [email protected] or send me a text. 

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