Glastonbury Housing Report: Breaking Down MLS Stats and Market Dynamics for Homeowners

Breaking down the real estate headlines and MLS stats so you, the local homeowner, can stay informed on what matters to our hyper-local Glastonbury market.

Glastonbury's single-family home update:

There are 27 available homes on the market in Glastonbury. Currently, there are 39 homes under contract waiting to close. So far this year, we have had 275 homes close. In 2022 we had a total of 348 homes close.

If every home under deposit were to close by the end of the year, we are still less homes sold in total than last year. The average closed price was $587,895.

The average over-asking is 5%. Last year, the average home sale was $529,646 and the average was 4% over-asking.

The lack of inventory is still pushing prices upwards. However, the home that is listed too high for location and condition, will not sell right away and may see adjustments in list price before a buyer will move forward with an offer. Interest rates are coming down and we are seeing rates towards the lower end of 7% - compare that to 6.58% this time last year.

Available homes per price point:
100-200 = 1           200-300 = 2
300-400 = 2           400-500 = 5
500-600 = 3           600-700 = 3
700-800 = 3           800-900 = 3 
900-1 million + = 5

Glastonbury's condo home update:

We now have 5 available condos on the market in Glastonbury. In years past, we could have seen 10+ condos on the market in any given timeframe.

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