Crunching Numbers: Glastonbury's Home and Condo Market Insights

Breaking down the real estate headlines and MLS stats so you, the local homeowner, can stay informed on what matters to our hyper-local Glastonbury market.

Glastonbury's single-family home update:
There are 27 available homes on the market in Glastonbury. Available homes per price point:

100-200 = None 
200-300 = None
300-400 = 3 
400-500 = 6
500-600 = 5 
600-700 = 1
700-800 = 3 
800-900 = 1
900-1million + = 8

We are now 1 month into Q4 2023. Let's take a close look at what the market has been doing YTD. In Glastonbury per MLS stats, we have seen a total of 257 homes close. Of those 257 homes, only 12 sold under 300k!

Homes priced between 400-500k represented the most amount of sold activity with 300-400k coming in 2nd. 500-600k sold on average 8% over-asking. 600-700k sold on average about 7% over-asking . Of the 257 sold homes, the average list price was about $559k and the average sold price was about $585k. Average price per square foot for all of the homes sold was $251. These 257 homes on average sold 5% over-asking.

Compare those numbers to this time last year: we saw 300 homes closed. The average list price was $507k and the average sold price was $528k at $230 price per square foot.

Glastonbury's condo market update:
Currently, there are 4 condos on the market in Glastonbury. This time last year we had 94 condos sold. Average list price was $253k and the average sold price was $267k at $206 price per square foot. Contrast those numbers to this year: YTD we have seen 68 condos close at an average list price of $290k and an average sold price of $310k at $231 price per square foot.

This year we have seen less homes sell and pricing push upwards despite rising interest rates. The supply-and -demand factor still rules the housing market here in Glastonbury.

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